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Album 1 : Zameho fait le mur (various 2008-2009)

Debout Victoria hybrid 2009 To wake up Miss Victoria.
Mon automobile french pop2009 On the normandie-highway (pop).
Comme au ciné sentimental 2010 17 year old, and a cinema love (sentimental).
Il faut savoir quitter chanson2009 One is not born over his grave
Le goût du fruit de la passion french pop2010 I will leave for Oceania.
Gilles et fanny pop 2010 The years have betrayed Gilles and Fanny (retro-pop).
Les grands chapeaux chanson 2009 Reception at the ambassador (jazzy)
Jean, petit ogre chanson 2010 Chanson for the fall of a troll.
La piqûre de l'ambition hybrid 2009 Chanson for the carnivorous.
Révolte a l'abbaye hybrid 2010 Bounty at the abbey (unprobable song).
Louis veut la guerre orchestral 2010 Instrumental.

Album 2 in progress : Zameho in limbo

Unfinished yet work.

Mathilde bossa nova 2016 Bossa nova
On entend les sirènes french pop 2015 pop-rock
Les Vacances chanson2009/3 chanson
Paris chanson 2016 pop-rock
Valkyrie rock 2009/8 Organ rock
Tel est l'amour rock 2016 Bossa nova
Bruno chanson 2016 chanson
Babylone tombe chanson engagee 2009/11 Chanson
Nathalie chanson engagee 2009/11 Chanson
Le jardin des abysses hybrid 2009/11 Chanson
Le jardin des lys hybrid 2009/11 instrumental
Au bout de la saison sentimental2008/5 Sentimental

Ghosts in ether (2003-2004)

Fantome dans l'ether is an instrumental suite in 3 part that took me several years to write from 1999 to 2004 (recorded with computer means of that time).

Fantome dans l'ether part 1.

Fantome dans l'ether part 2.

Fantome dans l'ether part 3.

4-track recording trials (1994)

Here are a few tittles recorded a long time ago with a 4 track recorder. It was the beginning.

Piece pour guitare (original)

Letter to Hermione (David Bowie cover)

Rosie (Tom Waits cover)